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Where to look for your first Galaxie or other FullSizeford

In the last installment we discussed what type of FullSizeFord you might be searching for. This time we’ll be talking about some ideas on where to find these cars whether it’s a project, daily driver, or concours quality restoration that you’re looking for. We’ll also show you some pitfalls to avoid for when shopping for the full-size Ford, Mercury, Lincoln, or Edsel of your dreams.

Nine times out of ten these days your search is going to begin with the the good ‘ol internet or “innerwebs” as frequently thrown about now. The internet has put the search for old iron at our fingertips that can easily be done from our living room recliner...

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So you’re ready to buy your first Galaxie or other Full Size Ford

You’ve been thinking about it a lot lately, you’re ready to dive into classic car ownership and for you none other than a FullSizeFord will do. Be it a Galaxie, a luxurious LTD, a bruising Mercury Marauder fastback, or even a sweet suicide door Lincoln Continental, one of Ford Motor Company’s full size offerings is tugging at your heartstrings.  Maybe even the oft-scoffed Edsel would be the car of choice to fill that lonely void in the garage. Here are a few helpful tips that will help you locate that FullSizeFord of your dreams.

First of all, you’ll want to decide what level of FullSizeFord you want to get into and also come up with a reasonable price range you are comfortable with. Be realistic...

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Ford Galaxie Starliner 9-inch New Pinion Seal Install

Well we’ve finally had enough with that puddle of 90-weight gear oil puddled on the shop floor under our Starliner’s rear end. The seal was so bad that oil would actually run out when the rear pumpkin was filled up. While we’re at it we are going to install new axle seals, ARP  differential mounting studs, and a new differential gasket as well. We started by jacking the car up and placing jackstands under the frame, letting the rear hang down. This job is much easier to do if you have an automotive lift, but alas we are relegated to the shop floor for the time being. After removing the rear tires and brake drums, marking the drums with chalk so they are re-installed in the same position, we removed the four nuts which retain the u-joint retaining straps...

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Full Size Ford Steering Upgrade Guide

Many people today are looking to upgrade to a little more modern steering feel on their classic Galaxie, Customline, or other full size Ford project. There are many choices available from the aftermarket today. I would suggest thoroughly researching the pros and cons of each kit before just jumping in with both feet. Some kits do not allow the use of column shifters and some may have header clearance issues. Ask many questions of the supplier and also cruise the ‘net to get feedback from others who have tried such a swap. There are typically two types of conversions available for these cars. The first type is a rack-and-pinion steering gear and the second would is an integral type steering gearbox as found on 65 and later full size Ford products. I will list both types below...

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