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Where It All Began

1970 Chevelle

How did I get into old Fords you ask?

Or when was I diagnosed with this incurable disease as my wife would so lovingly put it. How did I get started in the whole old car thing, particularly cars and trucks of the Blue Oval realm? It didn’t happen overnight, more of a slow fade I guess you’d call it, but I suppose my upbringing would probably have something to do with it. It started out rather early for me, being I was rushed to the hospital on the day I entered into the world in my Dad’s 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS396.

Now you’re probably imagining my mother, seconds from giving birth, screaming from the pains of labor as my Dad is banging gears and drifting the black with white SS-striped Chevelle sideways through the intersections of suburban Los Angeles en route to Bellwood General...

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Summer season draws to a close….

It seems like as soon as it was upon us, it was gone (for those of us with children, first day back to school seems to unofficially mark the end of summer).  We look back on the triumphs and tribulations of Summer 2014 in the FullSizeFord camp. The 1/4-mile Marauder again failed to leave the shop (we were so close this time!) due to other projects taking precedence. A match race set up with a friend’s 2009 Subaru Legacy AWD never materialized as we fought to prepare it by the September 19th deadline which signaled the last Friday Night Drags of the season. We most likely could have made it there with the car but passing tech would have been a different story. Guess we’ll have to wait until next year on that one. Maybe by that time I’ll have figured out how to work the Go-Pro...

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1/4 mile Marauder close to hitting the strip!

Hopefully by the end of the month, the 1/4 mile Marauder will make it’s way down the tarmac at Spokane County Raceway. Just for fun we’ve tentatively set up a grudge match with a 2009 Subaru Legacy. It’s the classic new vs. old battle! Can the time-tested 2-barrel 390 in a 4500lb relic run down the all wheel drive, lighter, late-model Subaru which is sure to get off the line first? Stay tuned to find out…….

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Contact us for 1961-1964 Ford Galaxie Parts!

E-mail requests to for anything specific you are seeking. We can also in some cases locate parts for other years as well. We also have a good supply of used Ford Truck parts from 1961 to 1979. Some parts are compatible with Mercury and Lincoln offerings as well.

*FYI at this time we have no convertible specific parts on hand.


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1955 Ford Customline goes to new home.

1955 Ford CustomlineThe ’55 was sold last weekend and is now in the care of a new owner. All of 73 years young, the new owner planned to have the car running within a couple days. It joins a ’55 4-door with a 6-cylinder and three on the tree already in the new owners stable.

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