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Where It All Began

1970 Chevelle

How did I get into old Fords you ask?

Or when was I diagnosed with this incurable disease as my wife would so lovingly put it. How did I get started in the whole old car thing, particularly cars and trucks of the Blue Oval realm? It didn’t happen overnight, more of a slow fade I guess you’d call it, but I suppose my upbringing would probably have something to do with it. It started out rather early for me, being I was rushed to the hospital on the day I entered into the world in my Dad’s 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS396.

Now you’re probably imagining my mother, seconds from giving birth, screaming from the pains of labor as my Dad is banging gears and drifting the black with white SS-striped Chevelle sideways through the intersections of suburban Los Angeles en route to Bellwood General...

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