1966 Ford Galaxie 7litre -New Project Car

1966 Ford Galaxie 7-litre

A new addition found it’s way into the FullSizeFord garage this winter in the form of a 1966 Ford Galaxie 7-litre. The 7-litre was a special model introduced by Ford in 1966 to showcase Ford’s all new 428 cubic inch powerplant. Ordering the 7-litre model in 1966 got the owner the 428 engine (a few were outfitted with 427ci engines), disc brakes, XL interior with bucket seats and console, wood grain steering wheel, and special badging. 7-litres were available as a 2-door hardtop fastback or convertible. Choice of transmissions included the all new C6 3-speed automatic or Ford’s venerable Toploader 4-speed manual. 1966 was the only year that the 7-litre was available as it’s own model, being reduced to an option package in 1967 and fading into obscurity beyond that. Our car still retains it’s original 428 and is backed by the C6 automatic.

Our 7-litre is for the most part complete but is in need of a complete restoration. Currently we are working on getting it running and driving, specifically addressing the corroded fuel system and a complete rebuild of the brake system. The actual restoration will most likely have to be a frame-off due to corrosion in the driver’s side frame rail which tends to be a common ailment with ’65 and later Galaxies. This car is still shod with it’s original Candyapple Red paint with the exception of the driver’s side door which appears to have been poorly re-skinned at some point. The car also has rust issues in the trunk and around the rear window. The car was originally equipped with a black vinyl top which wreaked havoc on the rear window area. Whether we actually tackle the restoration ourselves or let someone else undertake the project will be decided at a later date. For more information on the Galaxie 7-litre check out the site dedicated to them at www.7litre.org which also includes the 7-litre registry.

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