1963 Ford Galaxie 500 2dr Boxtop

1963 Ford Galaxie 500 2dr Boxtop

This car was actually purchased in the mid 90’s from a small car lot in Sacramento, California which had obtained it at an insurance auction. It is a 41,000 mile original Galaxie that had been involved in a front end collision. We purchased the car for $500 then unloaded it’s original 289 to a friend with a 6 cylinder ’65 Mustang for $250. We had no problem saying goodbye to the venerable old small block as this car will be a 428FE powered street bruiser backed by a C6 automatic and deep geared 9-inch rear.

The frame was not damaged in the collision, just sheet metal and bumper. We have a new front clip in excellent condition ready to go on the car. There is a slight bit of damage on the right rear corner of the car which will need addressed also. Big meats on the rear, loud pounding exhaust and a Crite’s fiberglass teardrop hood are in this cars future. The battery will be moved to the trunk. We will repaint the car it’s original color and set it on some American Racing Torq-Thrust D’s. The black bench seat interior is still original and in decent condition.

Over the years this car has sat on the back burner since we didn’t have the front sheet metal to put it back together. A couple years ago we were able to obtain a ’63 Galaxie 4-door sedan for $400 that had a pristine front clip. Armed with the parts to finish, this car will be appearing soon at a stoplight near you!

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