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1963 Ford Galaxie 500 2dr Boxtop

1963 Ford Galaxie 500 2dr Boxtop

This car was actually purchased in the mid 90’s from a small car lot in Sacramento, California which had obtained it at an insurance auction. It is a 41,000 mile original Galaxie that had been involved in a front end collision. We purchased the car for $500 then unloaded it’s original 289 to a friend with a 6 cylinder ’65 Mustang for $250. We had no problem saying goodbye to the venerable old small block as this car will be a 428FE powered street bruiser backed by a C6 automatic and deep geared 9-inch rear.

The frame was not damaged in the collision, just sheet metal and bumper. We have a new front clip in excellent condition ready to go on the car. There is a slight bit of damage on the right rear corner of the car which will need addressed also...

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1964 Ford Galaxie 500 Fastback Road Race Project

54 Ford Galaxie 500 Fastback

This Galaxie has been in our stable the longest. This car was actually a daily driver back in the mid 90’s. An original 352, Cruise-O-Matic car, it got me to work and back every day sporting a 390ci FE V8 and C6 automatic transmission. Years have not been kind to this car and it’s having a vinyl top took a toll on the car’s roof, leaving several rust holes where moisture was trapped underneath the vinyl covering. “Why not turn this into a Nascar tribute car?”, we asked. So the idea was born. We would transform the once proud daily driver into a Miata eating road course terror. Looking like a vintage Nascar racer ready for Riverside circa 1964 but being modern underneath with 4 wheel disc brakes, MSD ignition, etc.

First step was to gut the interior, then install a period correct roll cage...

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1955 Ford Customline 2dr post 223ci Fordomatic

1955 Ford Customline

The ’55 is finally home in the shop after spending last winter under a tarp in Klamath Falls, Oregon. I’ve included some pictures to show what it’s initial condition is upon embarking on this project. This car was purchased in San Jose, California where the original owner had parked it in 1979 upon buying a new car. I obtained the car from a neighbor who acquired the car shortly before the owners passing. The story goes that a tree had to be cut down in order to remove the car from the original owner’s back yard. The car is a time capsule, with everything left in it’s original state including the oil bath air cleaner and bias ply tires.

Unfortunately, the car was left under a tarp for many years, destroying the floorpans from moisture trapped inside the car...

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1/4 Mile Marauder 1964 Mercury Montclair Marauder 390 2V

1964 Mercury Montclair Marauder 390 2V

Our goal here with this project is to take a bone stock 1964 Mercury Montclair Marauder 2dr Hardtop Fastback, run it down the dragstrip at nearby Spokane County Raceway to get a baseline timeslip, then make continual subtle improvements so we can monitor progress and see how much the mods are really worth on the strip. We’ll even leave the 8.55-14 snow tires on for the maiden run.

The car still has it’s original H-code 266 horsepower 390 2-barrel. It is backed by the original Merc-O-Matic three speed automatic transmission. This engine was rated at 378 ft-lbs of torque by the manufacturer.

We will have to do some maintenance to the car to make it safe before hurtling it down the tarmac...

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