Ford Galaxie Starliner 9-inch New Pinion Seal Install

Well we’ve finally had enough with that puddle of 90-weight gear oil puddled on the shop floor under our Starliner’s rear end. The seal was so bad that oil would actually run out when the rear pumpkin was filled up. While we’re at it we are going to install new axle seals, ARP  differential mounting studs, and a new differential gasket as well. We started by jacking the car up and placing jackstands under the frame, letting the rear hang down. This job is much easier to do if you have an automotive lift, but alas we are relegated to the shop floor for the time being. After removing the rear tires and brake drums, marking the drums with chalk so they are re-installed in the same position, we removed the four nuts which retain the u-joint retaining straps...

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1/4 Mile Marauder Update

Mercury Marauder 390 FE

Work is progressing slowly on the 1964 Mercury Montclair Marauder. Basically, it just needs a new fuel pump installed to be a running vehicle. The brake repairs have been completed so it is just a matter of getting the car moving under it’s own power. We have the new fuel pump on hand already and have already installed a newer Autolite 2100 two barrel since the original was pretty gummed up. The original carburetor is rebuildable but it was just easier to swap on the newer one since we had it sitting around. We’ve been spending most of our time on our recently acquired 1966 Galaxie 7-litre so we’ve kind of neglected the poor old Merc a bit lately. The other snag to hitting the track has been finding the rear trim piece on the trunk which houses the trunk lock assembly...

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1966 Ford Galaxie 7litre -New Project Car

1966 Ford Galaxie 7-litre

A new addition found it’s way into the FullSizeFord garage this winter in the form of a 1966 Ford Galaxie 7-litre. The 7-litre was a special model introduced by Ford in 1966 to showcase Ford’s all new 428 cubic inch powerplant. Ordering the 7-litre model in 1966 got the owner the 428 engine (a few were outfitted with 427ci engines), disc brakes, XL interior with bucket seats and console, wood grain steering wheel, and special badging. 7-litres were available as a 2-door hardtop fastback or convertible. Choice of transmissions included the all new C6 3-speed automatic or Ford’s venerable Toploader 4-speed manual. 1966 was the only year that the 7-litre was available as it’s own model, being reduced to an option package in 1967 and fading into obscurity beyond that...

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Where It All Began

1970 Chevelle

How did I get into old Fords you ask?

Or when was I diagnosed with this incurable disease as my wife would so lovingly put it. How did I get started in the whole old car thing, particularly cars and trucks of the Blue Oval realm? It didn’t happen overnight, more of a slow fade I guess you’d call it, but I suppose my upbringing would probably have something to do with it. It started out rather early for me, being I was rushed to the hospital on the day I entered into the world in my Dad’s 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS396.

Now you’re probably imagining my mother, seconds from giving birth, screaming from the pains of labor as my Dad is banging gears and drifting the black with white SS-striped Chevelle sideways through the intersections of suburban Los Angeles en route to Bellwood General...

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1961 Ford Galaxie Club Victoria 2dr Hardtop 390 Toploader 4sp

1961 Ford Galaxie Club Victoria

This is our daily driven 1961 Ford Galaxie Club Victoria (although it really isn’t driven daily) test mule. This is a factory 352ci three on the tree car. Years ago it was converted to a Toploader 4-speed pirated from a ’67 390GT Mustang. This car is just a cruiser and still wears what’s left of it’s original paint. I’m torn whether to paint it or not. A lot of folks say it’s only original once and you can’t re-create that patina but on the other hand my wife say’s it’s ugly and needs paint! We may break down and paint it someday but it’s not a priority.

This car was originally equipped with air conditioning and still has all the proper pieces in place although the unit hasn’t been charged in years. A R134 retrofit may be in order...

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