1960 Ford Galaxie Starliner recently sold at a local lot here…..

Here was an epic project just waiting for the right person to take her home and restore her to her former glory. The car was in tact for the most part but definitely had some rust issues, mainly in the rear quarter panels and rocker panels underneath the doors. A quick look under the rear revealed the lack of a trunk floor. The interior will require a complete reconditioning. The car had a later (most likely a 302) small block under the hood. It appeared to be a column shifted automatic car which had been crudely converted to a floor shift. If I had to guess I would say the car’s paint had been applied with a broom. Even given the body’s rather rough state, this car is rare and desirable enough to make it worth restoring. I can surely see this car sporting a solid lifter 352 cubic-inch Interceptor V8  backed by a Toploader 4-speed (or returning to column shift automatic for the purists), deep black paint laid over it’s laser straight body, topped off with a set of American Racing Torq-Thrust wheels. Then just drive it. I can only hope the newer owner will resurrect this diamond in the rough and we’ll see it roaming the streets of Spokane in the near future. When summer finally returns of course.

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