Already looking to 2012!

The snow will be flying soon and it will be too cold to work in our uninsulated unheated shop so bench racing season is right around the corner. Plans for next year (following spring thaw of course) include actually getting the ’64 Road Race Galaxie on our local road course here in Spokane, if only for a shakedown. Plans also include getting the ’61 Galaxie Club Victoria 2-dr back on the road (yes this was a 2011 plan and I have no idea what happened or where the time went), pulling the 352 out to replace freeze plugs will be the biggest obstacle on that one. And maybe, just maybe I can get all the pieces to the ’63 boxtop Galaxie in the same place, (the front clip is here, the rest of the car is in Oregon) and begin re-assembling it. Of course there’s always the rare chance winter could be mild…….

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