New addition!

What turned out to be a dreary, dry, and uneventful winter turned out a rather nice surprise. We were able to obtain a 1961 Ford Galaxie Starliner! Beauty is, it was only thirty minutes from our home. It’s an original 390 tri-power car with a three on the tree with overdrive but now sports a healthy 460 backed by a C6 automatic transmission. Our plans include returning the car to it’s 390 tri-power glory however we’ll probably end up using a 4-speed Toploader rather than going back to the column shift. The clutch pedal is still present. The car was originally Corinthian White so we may end up returning to that as well. There is some rust repair to do (trunk pan) and other minor details as well that will need addressed but it is overall a very solid car. Once winter is behind us we’ll get her out and get some better photos. Stay tuned, this project will be fun!

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