News flash! Classic car season finally arrives in the Northwest!

1961 Ford Galaxie Club Victoria

The ’61 Club Victoria saw the light of day for the first time in two years over the weekend as the kids and I cruised her downtown to check out the Cruizin’ The Falls car show last Saturday. It took a freeze plug install (the front two had fallen out), power steering control valve rebuild, and seat belt installation to make it happen. The 352 ran great with no overheating issues and the Toploader 4-speed shifted well. Look for upcoming articles on the power steering control valve rebuild and seat belt install.

2 comments to News flash! Classic car season finally arrives in the Northwest!

  • Rod  says:

    Found a post that you were going to write up your control valve rebuild. doing one for my 67 Fairlane. Did not take good photos/notes when taking it apart and now not sure which way the valve spool and it’s seals go in. My spool has a groove on one side. Should that go on the big or small end of the housing?

    • jeffhooper  says:

      Sorry for the delay, was out of town then got way behind at my “real” job. I haven’t had much time to spend on the website or my projects for that matter. You may have figured yours out already but if not, this may help. Exploded view

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